Popular Nigerian comedian, Francis Odega who has become a global brand after his ‘Gerrara Here’ video went viral talked about how the slogan was formed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with THENETNG, Odega said he ‘honestly didn’t think it was going to become a global thing. In the script for real, that line Gerrara Here was not included. I created it but not knowing it was going to blow.’

‘The movie is about 3 or 4 years old but it started trending now which means that God’s hand is involved in it,’ he said.

I feel fulfilled really, I feel like a superstar that I am already anyway and I feel elevated now because I have gone a step higher right now.’

The Nollywood actor has now joined the millionaires’ league, enjoying commercial relationships with big brands, including Etisalat. He’s receiving more scripts from producers and working to consolidate on his rise. But pundits say he will have to be careful not to suffer the consequence of character stereotyping.



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