Nigerian radio personality, Toolz, has advised women to hire domestic helps to ease them of the stress that comes with having to do household chores alone.

According to the mother of two, women should not overwork themselves with household chores as it doesn’t prove their dignity or worth. Adding that no woman has ever won a trophy for suffering the most.

She gave this advise in reaction to a post that urged women to outsource chores to domestic staff if they can afford it.

Toolz who advised women on the importance of getting a help however, said they should learn how to do these chores in case the helps start acting up.

In her words,

“Suffering is not a badge of honour. Get a cook, cleaner, etc. But by all means know how to do all they do yourself in case they start acting mad”.

The mother of two’s advise to women has however stirred mixed reactions online.

@adewale92 wrote, “I doubt if putting my house in order is called suffering , I even derive joy in cooking my own food”.

@thedeltabeauty wrote, “Even in the Bible, women have handmaids Summary : no kee yourself, no award for best wife”.

@holuwaconquer, “I like d fact that she balanced the equation . .. “make sure you know how to do this things your self ” .. some of u wont kuku read finish .. na just d one wey una wan take prove point una go go after”.

@eq_jr_gramt, “Since when cooking has become suffering?”

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