Yesterday, photos of a young Ghanaian diagnosed with terminal cancer surfaced on Facebook.

The boy had asked to see the insides of an aeroplane for the first time, and the hospital staff teamed up with Delta airline at the Kotoka Airport in Accra to grant the young child his dying wish.

Ghana Celebrites reports that his parents couldn’t afford the medical treatment the child needed and left him at home until his condition deteriorated.

Read Ghana Celebrities’ post on the subject:

“A child is in an ambulance heading to kotoka airport , u know why,? He want to see an aeroplane before he die, yes die , his parents couldn’t afford treatment for cancer and he was kept at home till it got worse. Now there is nothing to do and he will die any moment from now but he begged the hospital to make him see a plane before he die.

Do u know how much it would have cost to save this boy’s life… hmm if health insurance was working well and covering some of this ailment

Delta gave him a treat-jst now.”

See the photos:





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