A popular ‘Native Doctor’ in Ghana identified as Kwaku Bonsam has reportedly stormed a church to retrieve his Juju from a pastor.

In the video, the herbalist and his crew could be seen disrupting activities in the church while telling the pastor to return the Juju he collected from him.

Kwaku Bonsam was heard saying “I told you to be patient” but it was not certain if he was speaking directly with the pastor, who was totally confounded by the unexpected move of the herbalist.

See Video below ;


Recently he stated in an interview that he has pastor-clients across the African continent – About 1700 of them – and they approach him for different charms to boost membership in their churches, Pulse NG reports.

“Over 1, 700 pastors and so called men of God from different parts of Africa have approached me, seeking powers to perform miracles, including Prophet T.B Joshua from Nigeria. He is my boy. I challenge him to come out and deny this.

Apart from the pastors, many prominent business people and celebrated church founders in Africa frequent my shrine for my services and if they deny, I am going to name them.”

Bonsam, who operates from a shrine at Sa-Peiman, a village on the outskirts of Nsawam in east Ghana, said his god is called Kofi-Kofi and provides him with supernatural powers that are desperately needed by pastors from all walks of life.



  1. No wonder but u the reporter is sapeiman a village to or just that u don’t know the difference between village and a town

  2. When T.B. Joshua started his ministry and was doing what God permit him to do, he has no means of going to Ghana, talk less of knowing the juju man

  3. why is he not interviewed so that he can tell the whole world that Pastor TB Jushua collected charm from him, you people will be typing nonsece and be feeding the nation’s if TB Jushua is your boy why are you still in your dirty clothing, and your claimed boy is putting on good clothing, or you don’t love enjoyment rubbish

  4. If TB Joshua is your boy why can’t you perform the type of miracles TB Joshua perform ?Stop fooling why didn’t you give the same power to your Ghanaian pastor?This is what we call enviness you aliar.

  5. Where were all of you when kolawole olawuyi was investigating tb joshua, about some human beings and blacks cow he used for ritual in his synagogue, the man kolawole really nab him, but was stopped by powerful men in this country, sacked the man from bcos ibadan, told him to stop the investigation, tb Joshua was not clean as well,

  6. The issue is very simple, come to Nigeria, Storm synagogue church of all nations and one of the evangelist will deliver you from that evil spirit.


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