Ghanaian woman in shock after a burglar stole her birth certificate and passport, leaving behind all other valuables.

Sharing on social media, the woman explained that an unknown person broke into her room and decided to leave other valuables in her abode but chose to steal her birth certificate and passport.

She recorded a video showing that the burglar had entered her room while she was asleep. The burglar had passed through the window to perform the criminal act and left through the gate.

She wrote,

“Someone broke into my room and didn’t take anything but my passport and birth certificate eiiiiish God why me hmmmm I woke up and my door was opened, the person passed through the window and left through the main gate”

Netizens speculates that the theft was an inside job as someone close to her might be involved in stealing her belonging.

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@_akua_ It’s probably someone close to her, cause how will he know where she kept i

@paa2514 En voice dey show say she dey talk too much, sharing her business everywhere πŸ™„

@maggies_spot This is a typical uncle reaction, just staring into space when he does not have the answer πŸ˜‚

@777shadowss He will call you later and tell you to produce an amount of money before he’ll give them back. Hold on

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