Gifty just shade Davido

It looks like BBNaija 2017 housemate Gifty Powers is trying to start new drama online especially if the parties believed to be the topic of discussion respond.

The Many-accent-speaking BBNaija Snapchat today to throw shade at a celebrity couple and from the hints she gave, Davido and his boo, Chioma might be who she’s referring to.

Big Question on everyone’s mind now is why?

Below is what she shared on her Snapchat:

So people know this guy as a WOMANIZER/PLAYER + ‘inshort’ nobody takes him serious. He sees that if this continues, it won’t be cool for his Brand in Future. Now, the next thing we see, is him jumping up and around & acting all serious with a girl.

And the next thing we see again is him buying a car for the same girl, flying around with her, even to the extent of making her the only Vixen in his video (which was kinda sweet tho).

Now you’ve dated her for Decades and you are just annoucing that, because all the show-off here & there simply means it’s just a ‘public stunt’ or it’s you trying to ‘shut the mindsets of people that you can also be a serious man’

Good. Psychologically, a man who is capable of showing all this up, should have had the immediate mindset of annoucing his girl to the world long before now.

PS: This guy shows he deeply loves his girl, but from videos with him.. it shows she’s not happy (let’s just say she’s camera shy, lol), now, if your guy loves you that much then i’m sure he would be ready to take a bullet for you anytime.

So why can’t the girl tell the man that he should stop exposing her to the world…

This is just a simple arithmetic.. wait I should be a CIA

PS: Only the wise ones knows these



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