We are not going to bore you with first telling you that John Dumelo has been snatched and he will be saying “Yes I Do” pretty soon to Gifty Mawunya Nkornu.

Here 5 Things We Know About John Dumelo’s Bride, Gifty Mawunya Nkornu:


For education, Gifty is really sorted. She holds at least two degrees. She is a graduate of Central University and she also holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). Gifty was part of the 2016 graduating class.


Though Gifty occasionally stays in Ghana, she is mainly based in the United Kingdom, London. Her parents also live there. Now we know the moves John Dumelo has been picking whenever he visits London.

Bff with Nadia Buari

Some people are giving Nadia Buari credit for playing matchmaker for John Dumelo and Gifty Nkornu, we cannot confirm that. But what we can definitely say is that Gifty and Nadia are the bffs everybody needs. Yes, many people assume that Nadia is reserved… she might be… but not when she is hanging out with Gifty.

Gifty brings out Nadia’s alter ego… Not to Shasha Fierce’s level but for Nadia, it’s a big step.

She Hangs Out With The Mahama’s

In medieval times, John Dumelo and Gifty Nkornu’s marriage would be described as a marriage between two high borns. John Dumelo would fit the role of the Prince of the NDC kingdom who falls in love with Gifty, the NDC Princess who has been locked up in an ivory tower waiting for a prince who will prove he is worthy of her hand in marriage by slaying the dragon (elephant – pun intended). Gifty and the Mahama’s go way back even to the extent of babysitting Farida Mahama sometimes.

She was present when H.E John Mahama hosts private birthday parties.


She was born on January 3 and this year she celebrated it with John we presume and later partied with her girlfriends…

Happy marriage, John and Gifty.



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