Girl narrowly escapes

A young Nigerian girl reportedly attempted to take her own life because her father flogged her over an undisclosed offense.

It was gathered that the girl consumed a poisonous substance to end it all after she was ‘disciplined’ by her father.

Fortunately, it was discovered on time that she had ingested poison and was given palm oil to drink, after which she started vomiting.

Girl narrowly escapes

A video shared online captures the moment the aggrieved girl was throwing up some substance while sitting on the floor.

She was then put in a car and taken to the hospital for further treatment.

The incident has generated mixed reactions online as netizens air their reservations about the lady’s decision to commit suicide over physical punishment.

@mmabella_chi wrote, “Are you sure she’s not being Abu$ed? It might be deeper than just flogging.”

@queenofdsun wrote, “Maybe d beating is getting too frequent, I mean beating her at every slight thing. Have once experienced dis b4, I almost jumped inside suckaway. Though it doesn’t justify her actions. There are many ways parents can scold their kids, over beating kills d self love, self esteem nd make dem feel worthless. I hope her parents can do better”

@cherish_pwetty wrote, “Maybe after dem rescue am the papa still fit beat am again say why she wan die😂😂”

@ego_oyiiboo wrote, “This girl needs counselling. Maybe her dad flogged her because of one small boy now”

Watch the clip below,

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