Man advises

A Nigerian man, Abdulhameed Muhammad Tohir, has raised alarm over the number of female students who are into ‘hookup’ in Lokoja, Kogi state.

Taking to Facebook, Tohir advised men who have girlfriends studying in a tertiary institution in the city to break off the relationship because she’s likely into prostitution.

Man advises

He said they should find someone else and build another relationship if they don’t want to end up with a barren wife, because a lot of female students are working as prostitutes in Lokoja.

He wrote,

“I have not seen where hookup deal is being done before, and I didn’t believe it fully until I had a first hand experience at “lounge 1” in lokoja, kogi state,” he wrote.

“I was not bittered about it but the fact that some of those ladies left home for school and some even told their parents, they are in search of work, where in real sense they’re into hookups for survival is a thing of concern

“I have come to conclusion, and I don’t think I can easily go back on it, if by chance you have a girlfriend that school in lokoja, the chance that she isn’t into this is slim. Just find someone else and build another relationship, you might be waiting for a fruitless lady as wife. Know this and have peace.”

Man advises

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