Corper Davido

Davido is still trending on social media after news of his enrollment into the compulsory 1 year NYSC program made headlines.

Now, his followers, and NIgerians in general have appealed to him to give out his monthly N19,800 alawee.

*** Lol…I even called my bro to come n see who I saw in NYSC uniform….I pray I get posted where u are….in d main time pls send me ur allowee make I take am hold body together.

*** Just the year @iam_Davido decide to serve Nigeria buhari increase copers alawee. Even politicians they rush us. Biko my question now is David u don already have enough hope I will be the one receiving your alawee.

*** Hi Davido, I’m a thrift collector (Alajo Somolu Twitter street). Your N19,800 alawee, coman be using it to daajo si mi lowo.

The richest corper in town had previously taken to his social media pages to announce his enrollment for the one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps, donning complete corper’s gear while perched on his Bentley..

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