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To simplify the complicated process associated with the NIN registration across Nigeria, Globacom launched the Glo Appointment Manager. According to Globacom, “The appointment manager was unveiled to help our numerous subscribers and Nigerians in general to reduce to stress involved in the NIN registration process.”

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With the appointment manager, subscribers can choose the date, time and Gloworld point of sale that is most suitable for them to visit. “Through the app, people desiring to register for NIN will be able to choose a day, time, and Gloworld outlet convenient for them to visit for the process,” it said. Globacom further stated that it launched the app as one of its unique means to providing comprehensive services to its customers.

The application allows customers to complete the entire process very conveniently and easily, adding that the offices would be free and safe under the condition of full compliance with the COVID 19 protocols.

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