A video currently making the rounds online shows a Nigerian soldier praying to God for protection as he walks alone in a bush.

In the video that found its way to the internet, the uniformed soldier, who looked terrified, stated that his colleagues ran away, leaving him alone in the bush.

It appears they suffered an attack from terrorists before fleeing to different directions for safety.

Watch video below,

In other news, gunmen suspected to be kidnappers have abducted eight Lagos-bound bus passengers along Kabba road in Kogi State.

According to a survivor who took to Twitter to thank God for her life and give details of the attack, they were travelling from Abuja to Lagos when the armed men came out of nowhere to attack the commercial bus.

The lady revealed that the armed men shot at the tyres of the bus, which made the bus come to a halt. Immediately, every passenger ran in different directions, with some unfortunate ones getting shot in the leg.

She said she ran into the bush and was eventually saved alongside 3 others, while other passengers were taken away by the bandits.

She added that she finally got to Lagos by 2a.m the following day.

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