Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Moyo Lawal has shared a screenshot of the message she received from a fan on Instagram.

Moyo Lawal shares

The young man had slid into her DM to share a supposed “vision” God revealed to him. According to him, God said the curvaceous movie star is his future wife.

Moyo laughed at the man’s mediocre attempt to shoot his shot at her. Adding that she receives those kind of marriage proposals regularly.

She wrote,

“Abi werey ni bobo hiii😂😏😏😂😂…. Then the second person… Oga, God told you? Asin how?? All sorts of nonsense proposals in my stories😂😂😪😪… .. P. S not the same people”

See her post below,

Meanwhile, Moyo Lawal recently admitted to photoshopping her waist in a photo she shared on social media, after netizens dragged her to filth.

The actress moments ago faced a barrage of accusations from trolls on social media who claimed she photoshopped her waist to make it look smaller than what it is in reality.

Moyo had taken to her Instagram account to share the photo with the caption, “Why does Dangote keep calling”.

However, observant fans were quick to notice the photo was photoshopped and took to the comment to drag her to pieces.

A fan @princessnnamdi1 wrote, “Always using editing apps to edit ur waist now look at ur arm”.

Following the heavy backlash she received on, Moyo has now shared the original version of the edited photo while hinting that the earlier shared photo was indeed photoshopped.

Sharing the original photo, she wrote,

“Original picture oooh …. Photoshop police can I rest ? 😂 …. goodnight 😜 …. p.s the annoying thing is , I even made my hands look bigger sef 😂 ….. … waist is still smaller than yours in ratio to body type … Rest”.

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