Daddy Freeze

Media personality, Daddy Freeze has said it is selfish to give testimony for surviving a tragic incident that killed other people.

He made this submission in a series of post shared on his Instagram page moments after the video of a Bricklayer who shared his testimony in a church after surviving the seven-storey building collapse in Banana Island was shared online.

Daddy Freeze

Recall that the man, who claimed to be one of the bricklayers at the building site when it collapsed, shared the heartwarming story of how he walked out of the rubbles without a scratch. ICYMI

In a seeming reaction to this, Freeze said it is witchcraft to testify about surviving a horrific accident that led to the death of others, and it doesn’t represent the finished work of Christ.

He wrote on Tuesday, April 18,

“10 people lose their lives in a collapse building and the one person who survives gives testimony? Really? This is not a testimony! Rather, it’s a manifestation of our innate caveman mentality, built on the foundations of greed and selfishness…”

This is a very p00r representation of the finished work on the cross, but you can’t tell the difference, because your parents regurgitated the misgivings of previous generations.

They couldn’t tell the difference between what was right and what was wrong and neither can you!

See his post below,

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