24-year-old lady who committed

The last tweet of Mary Fulu, a 24-year-old lady who committed suicide after her boyfriend ended their relationship in Lilongwe, Malawi, has surfaced.

Mary, a student and entrepreneur, ended it all on November 2, 2022, after her lover reportedly dumped her for another woman.

Sources close to her family said her boyfriend, simply identified as Neil, broke up with her after he impregnated another woman.

Spokesman of Kanengo Police Station, Gresham Ngwira, who confirmed the sad news, said Mary fell into depression after the devastating heartbreak and was undergoing therapy before she committed the act.

“The woman had been going to Bwaila Hospital for treatment and counselling. However, this morning she died by suicide. She silently went into the boys quarter and hanged herself,” reads part of the police report.

24-year-old lady who committed

The report adds that a post-mortem examination was conducted on her corpse and it revealed that the cause of her death was strangulation.

A tweet she shared on the day she committed suicide has resurfaced and in it, she wrote, “We were good for each other”.

Also, days leading to her death, she retweeted several tweets about suicide and depression.

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