A Nigerian lawyer, identified as Ebikebuna Augustine Aluzu, has revealed that he’s good to his wife because she’s completely submissive to him and reveres him.

Aluzu, who’s popular for his quite controversial advice to his male Facebook followers, made this statement in response to a lady who noted that he has a different personality in reality than what he portrays on social media.

According to the lady, contrary to what one might deduce from his social media posts, Aluzu is a kind man who’s good to his wife and takes extreme care of her.

“This man is a kind, loving, generous and caring man to his beautiful wife. Sometimes I pity young guys following his “Dear kings” series because he is living happily at home.” The lady wrote.

Responding, Aluzu disclosed that he’s good to his wife because she is submissive, doesn’t check his phone, bows her head, and folds her hand behind her back when he speaks to her.

His words,

“Yes. I am good to my wife because she is submissive. When I speak to her, she bow her head and fold her hand behind her back. She doesn’t check my phone. She was doing that when we got married newly but I told her I am a polygamous man and that she can’t be chasing away my potential second wife so she stopped,”

“She doesn’t nag me or disturb me when I don’t have money. She doesn’t also listen to idle talks and don’t comment on every post on social media. She doesn’t shake her bumbum on social media too. She doesn’t expose her body parts to the public. She is very beautiful even without make up but she understands her place and she knows that I am the Prize. I found myself doing all she ask me to do for her effortlessly.

“I have several business which I run and she manages them. The question is can you do these things for your own man so he will be loving, caring and peaceful to you.”

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