The opinion of a Muslim cleric regarding the duties of a married woman to her husband has sparked an outrage online.

He said in a video that was shared on TikTok, that a good wife would wash her husband’s clothes with her hands and not with a washing machine.

He further went on to say that it is a commanded law by The prophet Mohammed, that if a wife washes her husband’s clothes with an automatic washer her children wouldn’t be blessed.

According to him, wives can wash their children’s cloth and theirs in a washing machine but should never wash her husband’s cloth with her hands.

Though his utterance caused some of the guests he was speaking to at an unknown event to murmur, the clerical went on to speak more of the duties of a wife to her husband.

He said;

“Any woman that has a house girl that cooks for her husband, her children would not prosper. What is the point of marrying your husband, why did you marry him? Your husband is eating the food your house girl prepared and later you would complain about how your husband impregnated the house girl why will he not impregnate her when he has been testing her food? You will receive blessings only when you wash your husbands clothes with your bare hands and cook for your hands [sic]”

Watch the video below,

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