Okay, People I think Peter Okoye is truly done with the PSquare Brand!! Guess it’s finally time to believe that one of Africa’s finest pop duo, Psquare has come to an end.

After weeks of social media ranting, dropping a solo song etc, Peter Okoye has finally made his debut as a solo act under the name ‘Mr P’.

Peter Okoye aka ‘Mr P’ performed at a night club in Abuja last night without his twin, Paul. He’ll also be performing alone on April 7, 2016 in Dubai.

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  1. this is sad and bad news ,after how many years you have been running the crew and the team with ur brother so why now you wanna split and u fit comfortable all alone,it bad bro coz it two of u the world realize not just you so get back as 1 and let ur mama soul rest in peace coz i believe shes not happy with the quarrel between you both,am also an up coming artist

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