Veteran gospel singer, Buchi Atuonwu, has revealed one of the conversations he had with his colleague, Sammie Okposo, before the latter passed away.

Buchi, in his first social media post since the death of the singer, shared the conversation he had with him before his demise.

“I’m so glad and grateful to God that I was able to speak these words to him before he departed. God’s trusted warhorse! Weather-beaten, rugged warhorse.’ Those were my first words as we embraced. At that, he flashed a generous smile, his brilliant white teeth, contrasting sharply with his dark (more like black) face.

“God trusts you, Sammie. God trusts you so much. All these secular dealings and places wey you de enter, you have never hidden the name of Jesus. I’ve never heard that you got on any of those platforms and changed your songs. Na so so Jesus Jesus you de shout. You’re a terribly misunderstood person. I know say you waka rough. The last mess wey you mess never smell finish. But na you dem catch, no mean say na you do pass. No lie down where you fall. Get up and move on.” He wrote.

Speaking on why it took him a while to do a post on social media about the late singer, he said,

“Why haven’t you made a post for Sammie since he passed?’ ‘Sammie will not see the post’ has been my answer to this question… several times lately. That’s the exasperating thing about these post-humous posts. They’re not like birthday greetings. We’re not expecting that in a few days, the guy would post a thank-you message appreciating all who took out time to “felicitate with me on the occasion of my passing.”

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