According to new reports that have begun making the rounds on social media, popular Ghanaian singer, Sonnie Badu just might have been arrested in the U.K for illegally possessing a gun.

Sonnie Badu reportedly arrested

In a video footage that’s been shared, the musician is spotted in handcuffs and seated in a police vehicle with a Police Officer. The singer is seen not necessarily unnerved by the situation while in custody of the police.

The reason why the gospel singer was wielding a gun and whether the gun was registered or not, is yet to be known but his somewhat emotionless self in the custody of the police, has had people wondering if perhaps, he wasn’t really arrested or it’s just a publicity stunt or a video shoot.

Sonnie Badu reportedly arrested

Badu is one of the few African Gospel artiste to establish and grow a church in the US – he is reportedly the only African Gospel artiste to fill up a stadium in the states to capacity.

Watch the video of him in the police car below,

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