A young man’s longtime girlfriend left him for another man, leaving him in a state of profound heartbreak.

The young man was devastated when the woman, with whom he had been in a relationship for some time and was madly in love with, left him to wed another man.

A voice recording and video that were shared on social media showed the devastated man sobbing uncontrollably as he narrated how his woman broke his heart and left him for another.

The young guy talked about how much he loved this woman and saw a future with her, while his words were tinged with anguish.

A video also shared captured the man sobbing excessively over his lost love.

Watch video and listen to audio below,

Vid Crd: IB9Ja

In other news, a Nigerian lady has advised fellow ladies to reject monetary gifts from men to make them value them more.

The lady, identified as Jessie, gave this counsel while educating ladies on how to earn a man’s respect and how to make him value her.

According to her, when a lady rejects a man’s money, she would earn his respect and he’d even give out more money next time.

“If you want a man to value you, reject his money. When he gifts you money, reject that money. My sister he will value you. He go ask himself why this babe reject my money? Next time he will give you more.” She said.


  1. U just have to let go of she’s really ur she would have stayed but in everything thing God knows best. So remove ur mind and move on, believe me the right person will come just pray to God for the right person please don’t hurt yourself because of one person no body deserve to die for another remember u have families and friends

  2. This world is not balance at all. Heart break every where. Sorry I felt your pains but you just have to be strong for yourself. Definitely she’s not meant for you cos what is yours will never elude you. Be strong and move on. I had the same experience early this year and I have to let it go even though it’s not easy. God will be with you

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