A Nigerian man has shared on the microblogging platform X how he escaped being a victim of a one-chance bus.

Recounting the event, he noted that nothing seemed right after the driver picked up a passenger without asking him where he was going.

His post read;

“I was coming from my brother’s place in Berger ni oo As I entered that bus I saw a lady and a guy at the innermost back seat inside the bus But then immediately I entered I just saw that another guy entered with me and then the driver started driving without the guy telling the conductor where he was going or how much he was going to pay Immediately I sensed. I wanted to share location with my brother but my hand was just shaking and I had to lock my phone and put it deep inside my pocket not long after I did that like about 2 to 3 minutes after, the guy sitting beside me brought out a knife and threatened to stab me if I didn’t cooperate Before he finished saying what he was saying I just held that his hand with the knife with my right hand soo firmly that he couldn’t move it and I immediately held the driver’s neck from behind using my left hand and I began to shout at the very top of my voice “Egbami oo Egbami oo”. As we did all that the lady who was sitting right behind me started to shout too that they should let me go that we will all die if they didn’t. All these struggling started from somewhere around 7up I am not really sure sha, and when we got to Ketu around that Abiola gardens the driver just parked at once And the person holding that knife dragged me from his side to the door side In that process I unconsciously pushed him too and we both fell down from the bus. so immediately we fell the second guy helped him back up asap and they zoomed off As they zoomed off I stood up and began to run nonstop for like 10 minutes before I eventually boarded another bus at the next bus stop to Gbagada”

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