Eloswag says

Reality TV star, Eloka Nwamu, popularly known as Eloswag, has spoken on his new-found fame after participating in the seventh edition of Big Brother Naija.

The digital creator, in an exclusive interview with The Punch, said he can hardly walk on the street without being recognized by fans. He however said he still finds it hard to believe that he is a popular figure in Nigeria.

He said; “I can hardly go out, walk on the street without people recognizing me. However, it is still amazing to know that I am known. At the same time, I still don’t believe that people will be able to recognize me”.

Eloswag says

Speaking on what he plans to do with the fame garnered through the show, Eloswag told Nigerians to watch out for him.

“In the long run there are a lot of projects I will be working on. I will like you to wait and see. BB9ja has taught me patience and how to also go about my daily tasks. It also taught me to get proof about a situation before talking about it.

“In terms of being a better person, I think the show just tends to teach you that people will always judge you regardless of if they understand the issue at hand or not. I have learnt how not to pay any mind to that,” he explained.

When asked about his relationship with his colleague, Chomzy, and if he thinks she possesses the quality of a good wife, Eloswag said,

“Wife material? Anyways I would still pick Chomzy. The reason being that our connection is on another level. I love that she is competitive and I am too. There is a lot more to it, but yes I will pick Chomzy.”

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