Asa shared the tweet you see below on her official Twitter handle this morning moments after Donald Trump was declared winner of the US Presidential Election.




  1. Its not he that runneth but its the lord dat showet mercy..
    First-class no be who collect extra sheet!!!
    Less unnecessary hard work and more smart work.
    If God decieds to favour you,my brother even trafick no fit stop you from shining…

  2. Am a woman but that isn’t enough reason to be sentimental. Hillary Clinton’s life in public service has been so many times riddled with corruption. Let’s leave that aside she doesn’t have the doggedness and ruggedness America needs. America is like the police man of the world they are in everyone’s affairs.Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the tenacity to rule the world’s greatest nation.Look at ISIS the crazy war happening in Syria.Lets not be bias please

  3. When grace follows you , Nothing can stop you , Grace has followed Trump so much that he is so confident of himself right from the start of this race , Everyone chanting Hillary will win just because of fear of trump words, Now otherwise is the case , It has been confirmed and nothing can change it.

  4. Hard work pays!!! Hillary got carried away by mammoth crowd because of celebrities involvement in her every campaign rallies thinking that there is correlation between celebrities and politics. Popularity alone can’t give you the mandate. Trump was busy targeting the real Customers on every angle in the country’s polity. Secondly, The hate reports from media toward Trump and his wife just made them more popular on every American lips, yet Trump was even more focused on his endeavour. To me, Hilary Clinton won on Social media while Trump did it in real life!

  5. TB Joshua shouldn’t have talk about this he’s news are all over website everybody now see him as fake pastor what a shame even I just watch the video now when he says that the women will win with a narrow but she will face challenges like passing bills and so on all are bunch of lies omg


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