American rapper, Cardi B, has deactivated her Twitter and Instagram accounts following a Twitter spat with fans who berated her for skipping the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony.

Fans of the WAP star called her out after they noticed that she was absent at the event.

A fan tweeted, “My thing is, why hype us up if you know [you’re] not going from the jump? [Cardi B] needs to take her fans more seriously this is getting ridiculous, I’m sorry.”

Cardi B then replied, “When did I hype y’all up? Where and when did I ever hints? Like are you okay. I’m not going to award show if I don’t got a new song to perform Or my album ain’t out.”

Another fan wrote, “You literally could’ve said that, as fans that barely get fed WE WANT TO SEE YOU what do you expect, you could’ve said something period.”

Cardi fired back, “Unmmmmm wtf you want me to say I been posting on my IG stories where I been at … like clearly I’m in my house and I’m in NY the f***k.”

Another fan hit back at Cardi, “Your job is literally music and it’s just like you don’t care about it anymore you’ve been saying you have a album on the way since 2019 girl pleaseeeee.”

A Twitter user also stated that one of her two children with her husband Offset, 30, was autistic.

A furious Cardi slammed her fans and revealed she was deactivating her Twitter and Instagram accident for her peace and to protect herself.

“I’m deleting my Twitter but on God I hate this f**kin dumbass fan base. You got the slow dumbasses dragging my kids all cause y’all [thought] I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t, the f**k? When the f**k I hinted I was going? Just f**kin stupid. I can’t. I needs to protect myself.” She wrote.

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