Over the past few days, there’s been a social media battle of words between PDP’s former director of new media and Dubai-based big boy, Hushpuppi, which started after the former called on the EFCC to investigate Huspuppi’s source of wealth.

The politician also challenged the big boy to a debate few days ago for stating that all those asking EFCC to investigate him will be killed by Ogun, a yoruba diety.

Well, it looks as though things are a bit steady between them at the moment after Hushpuppi revealed that he recently had a phone conversations with Deji where he clarified a lot of misconceptions about his person.

He took to Instagram to state that he has forgiven Deji for his poor judgement of his character.

Read his post below,

Sequel to Adeyanju Adedeji’s post about my personal lifestyle subject to controversial popular demand from inquisitive spectators from the various sectors of our society requesting he pry into my personal life giving a misconception about me which has nothing to do with his passion for activism for his country ,all in a decoy to get his focus off the group of people that should be accountable to tax payers as to the appropriations of each regional wealth and as to the growth of the nation.

Due to this position, Deji and I had subsequent phone conversation wherein I buttressed my life and struggles of the past in Nigeria, a place wherein u inherit poverty as an infant undisclosed as to why the day to day struggle of our average parents isn’t proportionate to their ends meet, yet the circle of the elected rulers who are out to to be accountable to the people are unquestioned.

In line to this, it is clear to put it out here that the advent of my success has nothing to do with the present status that our beloved country still finds herself.

For I was also born into the hardship of Nigeria which some of us could/can relate with, so if having no slippers as a child wasn’t a disgraceful influence to the younger generation or for those that saw me then or knew the level of penury my compound name was affiliated with, then I see no reason for me being notice with brand name flip flops and shoes to be a disgraceful thing to the youths of Nigeria.

For I haven’t promoted Drugs or weapon, nor sodomy or buggery on my platform to desecrate my culture and values for the youngsters as compared to some visuals we see on other platforms …. Mind is but a mere Fashion sense in the 21st century which isn’t a crime on Earth.

I would like to end this message by stating that I have no hatred towards Deji, and I have forgiven him and his poor judgment of my character, despite his unfounded comments which could have potentially damaged my image and reputation.


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