A popular Twitter influencer, Jamal better known as Jaja PhD, has left many in shock after he said he doesn’t have a problem with incest.

Jaja PhD reveals

The conversation began when Jamal took to Twitter to tell people to stop being homophobic because many of them will have homosexual and transgender children.

He tweeted: “Btw, many of us will have gay and trans children. So, better do away with your homophobia today.”

Reacting to this, another Twitter user asked if he would approve incest if his biological children are in love with each other.

“A curious question, will you do away with your non-acceptance of incest if you have children who are in love with themselves?” he asked.

In response, Jamal said, “I have no problem with incest other than they shouldn’t reproduce.”

This disclosure has sent a shockwave down the spine of many Twitter users and they’ve bombarded him with questions about his stance on incest.

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