This lady’s post has gone viral people! I kuku love the girl sef! She stood by her words, and didn’t even delete the said post. Read On..

A Facebook user named, Thelma Okocha has got everyone talking on her post that went viral on social media.

A confirmation from her facebook page and a repost on her instagram page shows she actually posted it on March 30th 2016, at 5:43pm.

Her post :

“Boyfriend that cannot give u 50k to go n make ur hair every two weeks…. Is that one boyfriend? God punish anyone that will type trash here.

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Come and marry me girl! Since your hair isn’t “made” in this picture, then I presume you’re single love! Come lemme do shuku for you… 😀


  1. Na madness dey worry u.50k say na u help am make Tђξ money or what or if person too get he go dey throw way money?50k for hair every two weeks indeed,I pray u don’t stay single till ur menopause cos of this stupid ideology of yours.On Tђξ other hand,it is babes like u that ends up marrying Tђξ poorest guys u will be spending her money on while pretending and lieing to her friends(to avoid mockery)that Tђξ guy is doing heaven and earth for them.Work for ur own money woman!and stop being a miser,guys respect independent ladies this days ok!

  2. Pls help me ask the kid in the above pix, what is the contribution of the hair to the relationship? Have you ever heard any man say “I just love her because of her hair” she’s just a poor kid who the mother is trying to use in the extortion ministry cos of her beauty. Come to think of it her hair is even unkept. Don’t worry when your 38 you will collect N300 for DiDi with so much appreciation. Mtcheeew!

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