My name is Charity Omorogiuwa.

I was married to a man for 2 yeas and 8 months before my husband died and left me with our only son.

I suffered and raised my kid alone because I was neglected by my husband’s people. I returned to my parents when my husband’s people started making attempts to kill my son because of property. I left everything for them and took my son and ran.

My father and a few uncles returned the dowry.

My son is 14-years-old now and a man i have been in a relationship with for about 4 months now is asking my hand in marriage. I told him what happened to me and that I have a child. He said no problem, that he loves me not my past.

However the problem now is that he asked me not to let anyone in his family know that I have a child. I asked him why and he said his mother and family will not be in support if they find out that I have a grown-up son.

I have been thinking about the whole thing and I dont know what to do.

My mother-in-law to be is very nice to me and I know that she will be greatly disappointed if she finds out in the future that I hid such a thing from her. I also dont know if its wrong to deny my only son just to get married again.

I love this man and he cares for me deeply.

Please, how do I go about this?



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