An internet user who identifies as @KimGeeSweet has brought to the knowledge of many the ongoing trends in Lekki, Lagos state.

Sharing via her page on the microblogging platform X, she stated that some couples swap their sexual partners.

The relationship which is termed as swinging means a person who engages in group sex or interchanges their partners.

She added in her tweet that the people who partake in this act give consent to it.

However, her revelation left many internet users shocked as they wondered if cheating is now a normal thing in the present society.

Her tweet read;

I heard that people in Lekki are now doing consented inter-couple away matches. Like two couples will exchange each other. Husband will go the other man’s wife while the wife will go to the other woman’s husband just for the weekend. Na so Una dey do for dat side? Omoh with the way this our generation has normalized n0nsênse in relationships, is cheating still a deal breaker? Is cheating even a big deal to them again?

Below are some of the comments,

@Cygrachi:  These things are worse than the ones done in Sodom and Gomorrah

@Usherjunior6:  I will never understand why I would allow another man to see my wife’s naked God forbid

@IconicLawyer:  If you ask me, it’s better than one sided cheating. Since some people have made a vow to never have a relationship with self control, discipline, and decency, make all of them dey mahd together.

@DukeofLandon:  Dem say na Sodom and Gomorrah Reincarnation be the place


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