A heartbreaking scene occurred as a man realized that his money had been exchanged for a stack of paper in Computer Village, Ikeja.

In a video shared on TikTok, the young man was shocked and looking confused after discovering that his money had been exchanged.

The man was asked to count the notes when he discovered that fifteen five hundred naira notes had been exchanged into paper leaving only one #500 note that was actual money; it was revealed that the sum of seven thousand five hundred naira was changed into paper in the popular market.

The actual five hundred note was used to wrap the paper to avoid any form of suspicion.

Within a short moment of the unpleasant incident, the man was perplexed and stranded by the roadside whilst passersby sympathized with him. The young man became a victim of hoodlums that deceived people.

As expected, the video has garnered mixed reactions on social media with netizens sharing their experience about how they fell victim and left stranded in Ikeja. The majority noted that Computer Village is famous for pickpockets and full of hooligans, who steal from customers.

Netizens have expressed their sympathy towards the young man, emphasizing that he was new to the area.

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