Heartbroken man laments

A young Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament bitterly after getting dumped by a woman he sponsored through school.

Taking to Twitter, the heartbroken man with handle @SirFreshSemi, said he sponsored his girlfriend’s education and gifted her a car last year because he loved her dearly.

But sadly, she left him for another man without considering the sacrifices he made and the money he spent on her.

Heartbroken man laments

The devastated man posted a loved-up video with his ex-girlfriend with the caption,

“After sponsoring this girl through school she left me for another man. This was the same girl I bought a car for last year.

I’m so depressed and sad, can’t eat nor sleep. I have been crying since I find out.

I’m tired of this life. I don’t think I can live anymore. 🥺🥺

People advised me to collect the car back but I still love her and want her to be happy even after breaking my heart into pieces 🥺”

See his post below,

In other news, a Nigerian man, identified simpy as Dessy, has narrated his shocking experience with a transwoman who pretended to be a cis woman.

Dessy said though he’s not against transgenderism, transgenders should come clean about their sexual orientation instead of deceiving men. Read here

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