A Nigerian lady identified as ‘Ho Lar Sugar’ was last week drugged and gang raped by guys who she’d met on Facebook.

The rape video was then shared on social media, and her photo went viral – this embarrassing situation of the lady prompted a Nigerian man identified as Bright Sylvanus to invest in her.

Bright Sylvanus located Ho Lar Sugar and got her a everything she needs to learn fashion design, also paying for her training fee.

Sharing photos of himself with the young lady, he wrote;

‘(HO LAR SUGAR IS NOW A FASHION DESIGNER) Who else remember the young lady that was raped ,you guys remember I promised her Dubai trip or another choice but she said she don’t want to go to Dubia now so she made this choice which I have fulfilled my promise am not supposed to make this post but I made the promise openly that’s why am posting this openly.

I told you all that she must change and I believe with God I serve she must change. Our sister is not a fashion designer. We got her everything she needs for the work we paid her learning fee and we still blessed other two widows which I can’t post about them here.

And thanks to my brother who supported me in a big way. May God bless you bro. We did this together and I believe her dreams have come to pass. Thanks all for York love( her parents was so happy and they said that God will bless us all. Andasyn God will bless you bloood’


  1. Wow..so we still have God fearing and caring people like this in this world..bro may d good Lord continue to bless and elevate u to greater hight may he give you more grace funds and strength to continue d good work may HE continue to protect you in Jesus name..and lord grant her d grace to change and start a new life and focus to archive her dream..so this work will never be invain..in jesus name <no sacumtance or situation can stop you from archiving your dream jst look up to God HE is the all and all never give up dear put Everything to be your past and lesson and move on)d Lord will see you 2ru dear

  2. awwnn…..bro pls keep the good works up..God reward u greatly…..its her past and we all have our past but it’s today that counts and tomorrow…. no one is above mistake… God help us all locate our destiny helpers ijn

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