A heartwarming video capturing a Nigerian father being transformed by his young daughters’ makeup skills has taken the internet by storm.

The viral video showcases a lovely bonding experience between the doting dad and his enthusiastic daughters.

In the trending video, the father can be seen sitting patiently as his daughters are deep into their passion for makeup.

With brushes in hand and a case of colors before them, the girls apply cosmetic products to their father’s face, turning him into their living model doll.

The video has garnered reactions from viewers, showing the essence of love, trust, and parent and children relationships.

The video’s popularity shows the appeal of family moments that are filled with joy and love.

It serves as a reminder that the simplest acts of love can create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds

Netizens have been quick to praise the father’s willingness to participate in his daughters’ creative play and applaud the strong bond between them.

This heart warming display of affection between the father and daughter, regardless of societies expectations or gender views, as created buzz online.

As the video continues to circulate online, it has sparked conversations about parenting, and the importance of allowing playfulness and self-expression in children.


Watch the video below:

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