An unknown white man has left social media users astonished after he removed his shirt in the middle of the road in Ghana due to the extreme heat.

In the surprising video that attracted online viewers, the man was captured removing his shirt on the road amid the traffic.

It was obvious that the weather was very unbearable for the white man, who hurriedly removed his shirt. In a rushed manner, he stepped out of the taxi he had boarded in the middle of the busy road to remove his shirt before the traffic light turned green.

Apparently, he was wearing a three piece inside the heated taxi- a jacket, white shirt and a black singlet beneath.

Netizens expressed that the white man is not familiar with the present weather condition in Ghana and couldn’t cope with the heat. While some opined that the white man should have boarded a taxi with air conditioner as he could afford it, other Internet users made humorous remarks about celebrities who wear sweater in the heat.

Below are some reactions,

@ItsBoboh A white man would order a ride with AC

@ArmaniVivel This heat is beyond imagination Might be a sign of warning to Nana Addo on the LGBTQ+

@MiloMuse_ Why would you wear a black singlet in this hot condition beneath your two shirts

@_SPLIT_1 King promise and medikal dey wear jacket and hoodie for inside everyday

Watch below,

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