Blackout looms as rainfall wreaks several electricity poles connecting electric cables to residents’ homes and commercial outlets in Sango Ota on Sunday, April 21, after a heavy downpour.

The heavy rainfall which started at noon time co-occur with a forceful wind that uprooted the electric poles, tossing the poles on the major road and causing obstruction as the cables fell over one another into the Sango road.

In the trending video, a long yellow school bus used to convey people was seen in the middle of the road after three electric poles fell on it. Transporters were left stranded on the road, opting to use the other side of the road to get to their destination.

Residents were spotted on the scene lamenting that the electric poles were recently erected and it might take a longer period before new poles are erected in the community.

Passersby have raised alarm about the danger that might occur when electricity comes up as they elaborate on the low possibility of restored electricity in the affected areas.

As the video continues to trend, netizens have requested that the contractor, who installed the electric poles should be apprehended for executing a substandard project.

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