So there are a lot of things we discovered about the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, following his recent visit to the country… Not only only did we see that he is down to earth and fun, we also know that he finds NIGERIAN JOLLOF RICE delicious!

Yeah I said it! Nigerian Jollof rice… Hehe… – the Facebook billionaire, who had a Q&A session at the Landmark Centre earlier today shared his experience he had last night when he was asked to try some Nigerian delicacies.

He had everyone cheering and laughing when he described with hand gestures, how he tried to eat the traditional dish, Pounded Yam “Iyan” as it’s fondly called, snails and of course Jollof Rice.

He also revealed someone advised him not to compare Nigerian Jollof to that of our “Neighboring countries”. Lol!


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