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The mother of the boy who destroyed their home has spoken up after a video showing the aftermath of the destruction went viral on the internet.

A report recently made rounds online that the boy, said to be 12-year-old, destroyed everything in the house because his mum seized his phone.

The boy destroyed all the household items, including a kitchen table, window, gadgets, television, toilet seats, and other items.

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The video which is currently circulating online has elicited varying reactions from social media users, who shared their two cent on the incident.

While some berated the boy’s parents for failing to raise him properly and instill good qualities in him, others proffered ways they could discipline him for his action.

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Well, the mom of the boy, has now released a video to clarify the claims being made online. She said the boy is not 12 as claimed, but 15 years old.

She said he didn’t destroy their house because she seized his phone, but rather, he has a mental illness that they have been battling with since he was born.

The mom further disclosed that she shared the video with someone she ‘trusted’, only for the person to share it on the internet.

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