Reactions have trailed online after a photographer was recorded rubbing oil on a lady’s boobs during a photoshoot session.

In the trending video that surfaced online, the photographer was seen rubbing oil with great effort on his client’s boobs to get his desired result.

As seen in the video, the photographer instructed the lady to raise her neck while he continuously rubs the oil on her chest and further adjusts her revealing outfit to also apply the oil on her boobs.

He consistently rubbed the oil into her skin with his hand.

Photographers apply oil sometimes during photoshoot sessions to enhance skin shine. It adds an advantage to the client’s picture and also to highlight and tone the body.

Internet users online have coined the photographer’s action to be disgusting and unprofessional. Many opined it was the job of a make-up artist and criticized the lady for permitting the photographer.

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@queenlyn_i Nobody will touch me like this in the name of photoshoot..are you mad are something

@chekwubeissac Highly unprofessional and disgusting. Isn’t there as make-up artiste on standby during shoot? Why rubbing their sensitive parts? 🤦🤦🤦

@opeademoye …It’s speaks a lot about the lady’s personality

@cworji_fashion Please nobody should blame the photographer, the girl no get sense?

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