The reaction of a man after his son tried to touch his newly purchased G-Wagon has garnered attention online.

The clip that was shared on the microblogging platform X captured the older man smacking his son’s hand off his steering wheel.

After slapping the hands of his son off the wheel, he gave him a harsh glare which caused people around them to laugh.

Though the reasons for behaving in that manner to his son are unknown, many however suggested that he might have wronged his dad for him to have behaved that way.

His son who had a pitiful face after the incident happened stepped away from his dad feeling embarrassed.

Below are some of the reactions;

@Emmyifeoluwwa13:  I buy G-wagon 130M and you say make I no deck your hand when you touch am?

@henrie089:  if I slap your hand ehee I never pay you wan spoil am Na so you dey spoil everything

@wokeupdann:  Don’t touch my steering Do you know how much sacrifice it took to get here

@Blownboii:  I guess the guy has been misusing most of the man cars and the man has kept it in his mind that ‘once I buy another car I won’t Allow him to touch it’, now the same guy came from behind to do over sabi

@jake46742218:  Una get am the man action here be say the first G-wagon na you spoil am. You still they carry hand come this one…. You lie lol 

Watch the video below,

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