Nigerian celebrity chef, Hilda Effiong Bassey, better known as Hilda Baci, has refuted Very Dark Man’s allegation that she defrauded people with her online cooking class.

A video went viral in the early hours of today, April 23, in which Very Dark Man, also known as VDM, called out Hilda Baci for allegedly collecting money from people and refusing to host the online cooking class they paid for.

Hilda Baci debunks

It’s no news that the former Guinness World Record holder periodically holds online cooking classes for a fee of N35,000.

However, this time, VDM claimed that Hilda Baci failed to fulfill her commitment to teach her online students after accepting their payments.

Hilda Baci debunks

He also shared purported screenshots of people complaining about not being added to the platform despite making payment. He further accused Hilda of fraud and obtaining money by false pretense.

Watch him speak below,

In an interesting turn of events, Hilda Baci has come out to debunk the allegation with proof that the class commenced on March 25th.

She also shared a screen recording of the online platform where the class is being held as evidence that the class is currently ongoing.

The video showed the introductory messages sent to the group, as well as video editing tutorials, mocktail and cocktail recipes, pastries, and food recipes.

She also disclosed that over 5,000 students are on the platform and over 156 recipes have been posted so far, thus dispelling VDM’s allegation.

She captioned the post,

“5880 active students
156 recipes already posted
comprehensive editing class done
Plating class done
Official assignment given

Watch below,

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