Popular Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing recently lashed out at a male admirer who asked her to ‘hookup’ with him.

The man had slid into her DM on Snapchat to request for a chance to ‘hookup’ with her, a slang for casual sexual intercourse.

This infuriated the thespian who lambasted the man for assuming that she sleeps with men in exchange for money.

Nkechi Blessing slams

In response to the insults, the man berated her for allegedly pretending not to be into ‘runs,’ and insinuated that she is well-known in Lagos for sex work and told her to stop pretending.

“Funny. Stop with the pretense ma’am and stop insulting people online. Stop insulting people online. It’s a mere question, you only answer with yes or no. Last we know who’s who in this Lagos.
Stop insulting people just to cover up”
, he wrote.

Responding, Nkechi hurled more insults at him, and told him to go sleep with his mother instead.

She wrote,

“You are very stupid
You know who is who doesn’t include me stupid
You must be very very stupid
Go hook up with your mother
Bloody fool
God punish you
You must think every girl fucks for a living like your hungry sisters
Bloody bastard”

Read their conversation below,

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