Nollywood actress, Madam Saje’s reaction to a surprise birthday party thrown for her by her colleagues and friends has caused a huge stir online.

The veteran thespian clocked 64 on Monday, February 13, and her colleagues, friends, and family pulled off a beautiful surprise for her.

A video currently making the rounds showed the moment Madam Saje walked into a restaurant, which, unknown to her, was filled with friends who had gathered to celebrate her

The moment she entered the dark room, the lights came on, followed by loud cheers and birthday songs from those present.

Completely taken aback, Madam Saje fell to the ground and was still for a few seconds.

This clearly frightened everyone around her, as they rushed to her aid and helped her to a chair.

Madam Saje, who was overcome with emotion, burst into tears; however, when she finally got herself together, she danced and joined the party waiting for her.

Watch video below,

Reacting to the post, an Instagram user who opined that not everyone, especially the elderly, can handle surprises wrote, “Surprise package won’t kpai person🙏go straight to d point wen dealing with d elderly,happiness kills too!”.

@teeh_lyfstyle, “May surprise package not lead to my death 😂😂😂😂”.

@05nmoka, “Abeg make Una Dey look ppl age dey do surprise what if she get heart attack now”.

@t_sleek, “The surprise company should have used a lower volume; that was too loud for a woman of her age being a surprise action, you know 👏”.

@blvk_weirdo, “Una won give the woman heart attack, I bet she thought she was being robbed”.

@pepepretti_herself, “These parara companies should do well to keep ambulances by the side 😁”.

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