A suspect arrested by the Police has spoken on how Alex Badeh was killed.

The suspect identified himself as Shaibu and he spoke in Hausa Language while being paraded by the Police.

The translation of his confession was however provided by a user of twitter who wrote that Shaibu and his accomplices had only wanted to rob the former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, of some money they believed he was carrying with him in the car.

He wrote:

His name is Shaibu from Barde. his elder brother Ciroma came from the market and told him that he got intel that old soldier(Badeh) has bought another land and would be coming to make payment so so day. They decided to waylay him and collect the money.

Those that had arms blocked the car in front while the others followed them from behind in case they try to turn. Badeh’s driver opted to charge through and ciroma opened fire on them. They opened the car and saw a lot of cash but the guy cannot confirm how much was inside.

Video below :



  1. This is a big lie,if it was a robbery and a sporadic shooting to stop the car why was the shooting aimed at the side of the passenger instead of the driver?(the driver had only a shot in the hand),and remember his visit to Aisha was as a result of lack of money,and it was reported he was been investigated by EFCC as intelligent as he is will he attempt to buy another land to be confiscated by EFCC?tell us the truth Nigeria police.


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