Darey marriage

Award winning R&B singer, Dare Art Alade and his wife Deola Ayeni Art-Alade have been married for a decade and in an industry where marriages ends faster than a porn star’s career, LIB asked him the secret to his successful union that’s already been blessed with two kids.

He says:

‘By just taking things easy, it’s the grace of God. Also, spending time with your family, it is important to realize what is important to you, put your family first. You have to protect your family and you keep answers to such questions very short. You don’t want to say too much, saying too much is unnecessary. It’s really nobody’s business. The tongue and teeth fight but still in the same mouth. Brothers and sister have arguments too. Nobody has a perfect relationship but it is how you manage yourself that is important. Once you start involving the public or different people, it gets a bit difficult. I didn’t get married because I want to count 50 years or what people will say about me, I got married for myself’ he said.
Reacting to a statement made by Flavour in 2016 where he said ‘it’s impossible to be in the industry and have a successful marriage’, Darey says, ‘what am I supposed to think? He was speaking for himself lol! He wasn’t talking about me. How do I answer the question when I am living in the situation? I am already an answer to the question. But away from that, there are lots of responsibility involved in marriage and if you are not ready for it, then you are not ready for it, but it is important to speak for yourself. You can’t generalize’.

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