A Nigerian lady identified as Oghenerume has shared her story of a miracle that happened when she was still a baby while on a family vacation.

According to Oghenerume, they traveled for Christmas and were on their way back to a place in the north when an accident occurred, causing their automobile to summersault.

The medical workers became aware that a kid was missing after her mother begged for her infant after waking up from a three-day coma.

They hurried to the scene of the collision and saw the infant was sobbing beneath the damaged vehicle.

In her words;

“My dad had tortoise car. We came home for Christmas and was on our way back to the north. We had an accident and the car summersulted. Mum woke up 3 days later in the hospital and was asking about her husband and children. That was when they realized a child was missing.

Long story short, sm persons went back to the accident scene & true to mums words, they heard a baby crying under the car and that’s how I was reunited with my family. My father told me this story. Said I was a toddler when it happened. He still has pictures of the accidents car.”

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