Popular Ibadan baker, @thecakechancery has shared how being a mischievous kid saved her from having to go on unnecessary errands for her teachers.

She took to twitter to explain how she got the worst type of ewedu available for a teacher who sent her to the market during school hours. This tiny smart decision, saved her from having to run errands for her teacher because they thought she did not know how to shop.

She tweeted:

“I remember when my teacher in sec Sch pulled me out of class to go and buy Ewedu for her at Apata Market 🤦‍♀️,I made sure the Ewedu I bought was a really bad one.. though she hit my head with the Ewedu when I got back and she was like “I thought they said u know how to buy things”
PS : my aunt I was living with then was also a teacher in the same school and she was the one that told her colleagues I’m good at buying foodstuff.. I bought a terribly bad ewedu for her on purpose so she won’t have the audacity to pull me out of class AGAIN to send on errands
She was actually right, I knew how to buy foodstuff at that young age because my aunt used to send me to Ogunpa to buy all the things needed for her store where she sold foodstuff back then ..
Igi Ewedu doesn’t kill but it will stop a whole lot of futuristic nonsense/errands 🤣🤣”

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