A motorist has taken to social media to lament after he was charged N110,000 for parking his car at an ‘illegal’ spot in Lagos.

According to the man, he went out with his mechanic to buy a battery hanger for his car and he parked directly in front of the shop when they got there.

He said he remained in his car while the mechanic got down to buy the battery hanger. However, just as he was about to drive off, some officers accosted him and accused him of illegal parking.

He claimed they then towed his car with him in it to their office and dented his bumper in the process. He revealed that he was charged N110,000 for illegal parking (80K fine and 30K for tow charge) and N2,000 for gate fee to allow him drive his car out of the compound.

He added that he had to make calls before the ticket was reduced to N25,000 and he still had to pay N2,00 for the gate fee.

Sharing photos of his car and the invoice that was issued to him, he wrote in part

“110,000 Naira aira for illegal parking, is this not ridiculous? how much is the minimum wage in the country? how can you charge someone that muc… What if I didn’t know these people that called on my behalf, where would I have gotten that type of ridiculous amount to pay? This country is a mess.”

See his post below,

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