There has been a lot of unrest in the state of Abuja with news of kidnapping all over. A twitter user, @iam_paulash, shared how hi s friend escaped an encounter with kidnappers.

Read his story below:

“How my friend was almost kidnapped in Abuja.
His cousin came into town from the U.S and it was all fun until he went to drop him at the airport around 2 am, he boarded around 2:30 am back to the U.S. Immediately he hit the road and other cars were also leaving the airport at the same time.

The road was completely free and dark since the FCT minister decided to keep us in the dark. The other cars from the airport were with him and it was more of a convoy with people he didn’t know, as he was approaching the city gate, he signaled to his intersection which is
Towards Area 1, suddenly one of the cars from the airport overtook him and stopped and his lights went off while the second car was directly behind him, basically, he was locked in the middle of two cars at 3 am in a lonely location.

Immediately he knew something was up and the only option was to climb the high parameters, which he did they tried to shoot his tire twice and they missed, off he goes at high speed with two cars chasing him.

Approaching area 1 roundabout he didn’t know police were stationed at the same spot via stays during the day, before he realized he saw a torchlight flashing and it was too late to step on the brakes, he had to drive with full speed into the ditch.
The two cars chasing him were approaching the spot and didn’t know policemen were stationed there too, he immediately came out of his car in confusion and screaming some people are after me pointing to the cars approaching the police spot before the policemen could understand the situation, both cars zoomed off.

In less than 5mins another man was running towards them on foot from up the bridge, screaming he has just been attacked by the same gang, they were all told to station there until visibility was obvious. Apparently, that gang goes to the airport and tracks people, follows you to town, and kidnaps you. Thank God he was smart enough to escape at city gate, if not wahala for dey”

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