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How is that even possible? He gave account of how he did it and one would have thought it’s a big deal but it is simple and easy.

Note: This isn’t all those fixed odd rubbish. If you still fall for those scams at this present age, you are a beginner. WARNING! Such are SCAMS!

First step; He uncovered a reliable tipster from the UK. He made use of the tips supplied from there daily. Average of 420% return on capital monthly was achieved so far in 2020. He personally created a system he calls the ROLLOVER and CAPITAL RECALCULATION strategy that he uses with the tips he get and that is what gave him massive Profit monthly. He already told me he will reveal the strategy to those he will mentor on this.

Above table is the monthly return calculated using his reliable tipster from UK since January 2019. Profit were given based on a N100,000 bankroll monthly

The journey to uncovering the trusted tipsters took him over 5years of falling into the hands of scammers. So many stories but I have to cut short to save us time.

Secondly step; Adetunji sees football betting from a different perspective unlike many others sees it. The reason he called his approach FOOTBALL TRADING and not football betting. He follows a laid down plan. Only 2% of people around the globe into football betting know about this secret approach.

N100,000 starting capital

It will wow you to know it was 100k that turned to over N10 million naira in 3 months. A quick look at the table above showed 100k returned a profit of N958,000 in July using the exact games from Adetuni’s UK professional tipster and garnishing it with Adetunji’s rollover system.

With a new Bankroll of N1,058,000 from a N100,000… August was executed with N500,000 capital while N558,000 was withdrawn to bank. As you can see in the table above, profit of N801,000 was achieved with a 100k capital. Therefore, a 500k capital returned N4m profit. That made a total of N4.5million left. N3.5m withdrawn to the bank to make the bank balance increase to N4.058M.

September with a N1m means N9.56m was the profit and a N10.56million with the capital. Therefore, with such great performance from the Professional UK tipster in those 3 months, over N10,000,000 was achieved with just 100k capital.

This was exceptional set of months. But even on a bad 3 months run as you can see from 2020, worst will still do something tangible.

N10 Million+ in 3months is the figure

It’s such a venture that makes you live your dream life! Flexing…luxury lifestyle.

Click Here=>  , to subscribe to Adetunji’s TELEGRAM CHANNEL and you will see the breakdown of the process. He doesn’t gamble but follow a laid down rule. He uses 10% of his capital to start his rollover. He trusted his tipsters (professional UK tipster) and strictly use their games.

He confessed that there are times that the tipster does have bad days. He recalled a certain bad month of February 2020 (capital was lost) but having come a long way to trust them, he always keeps calm, think of long-term benefits and hope for the best. And overall, it’s been fantastic.

This whole thing might look complex especially to those who are not used to football betting already. But it isn’t. Even someone who hasn’t done anything related to football betting before can implement this. Even if you don’t know who C. Ronaldo or Mourinho is.

I have told ADETUNJI to give more detailed explanation of the steps and processes involved, including sharing the games of his trusted Tipsters. If you want that, Great! It means you can replicate his success.

Below is this Guy in the little world of his own. He vowed to me that his target for 2021 from football trading is N120 Million.

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